Wolves and Untamed. An opinion piece on Colonialism

 I do not  think calling Africa’s colonial masters Wolfs would offend them. Because it was all a story of greed and competition while all that time regarding Africans subhuman. I will look unforgiving and not at par with the prese

nt by saying I still feel the scramble and partition of Africa was injustice, but I risk it.
Jomo Kenyatta the First Kenyan president and Pan Africanist sums its up diligently in his book ‘Facing Mount Kenya’. When the white man came, we had the land and he had the Bible. We closed our eyes to pray and when we opened our eyes, he had the land and we had the Bible.
The story of the use of religion to colonize is well too common. And am not only talking of the British occupied land back then as was Kenyatta’s situation. The French in West Africa, The Portuguese in South Africa, The Belgians in Congo, The Germans and every other power used quite the same trick. Send Christians first before occupation. But why would one do that? While will the bible be used to commit wrong? I dont know.
But greed can be quite bad . Millions of Africans were rendered homeless while a handful of settlers guaranteed security by their evil governments held all productive land. If you were unlucky to be in Portuguese Africa, and had the guts to be against it, you were decapitated and your head displayed for the public. So tell me. Was  Frelimo the terrorists or were the Portuguese?

Apart from the shear number of Africans alienated in their own countries, How about   millions who died during the World War II fighting for a course advanced by their masters. Evil or not I shall not judge. But why did it really have to be that an innocent African should be dragged to war in which he served not to loose or benefit? Why will a clamor for a nations pride drag innocent bystanders? unjust. Wrong!
Numerous apologies have been made throughout the 20th Century to now for all the wrongs but what shall make anyone think mere sorry will heal us of our robbed time, freedom and resources? I am among those who think the likes of Mandela betrayed the black man at large when they insinuated we would forgive so easily. We cant. We shant.
Formal apologies shall be made, compensations done and perpetrators put to book even in their death. Then shall we forgive. Then shall we forget.
What are your thoughts? Share below.
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