The Curse of Ham – An Opinion Piece

When recently I read about a famous American televangelist warning his followers not to visit Kenya because the towels have Aids, I could not help but wonder. This was met with anger by Krnyans and Africans on social media, to no suprise.
What is more worrying is that people know its untrue but somehow still choose to believe.
The problem is not new though, and the televangelist just represents the fears of many people mostly outside Africa.
But the problem runs deep to the days of the transatlantic trade and the effect it had to the people of color. Somehow, when a lie is repeated for too long until the masses believe it.
This problem had been tackled by many, some even paying the ultimate price, with their lives, but it refuses to die. These myths and misconceptions refuse to simplty go away without a fight.
The truth however is that the world has made great strides to the right direction a despite the pockets of hate and disharmony still thriving among us.
What my people can hope for now is for people to learn facts well and that the generation of our children shall be free to be proud of their origin. They shall try to disprove the curse of Ham for world!


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